Ecommerce Web Design

Drive Traffic & Boost Sales

With E-Commerce Web Designing

With retail e-commerce projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021, hundreds of e-retail stores are being launched every day and only a well-designed ecommerce store with intuitive user interface can help you sail the waves of this intense competition. Nowadays, catchy visual elements, flashy presentation, and placing some CTAs aren’t enough to beat the competition, drive traffic and generate great business; for this you need a brilliantly designed, extremely functional e-commerce store. So far, we have designed and delivered more than 15k ecommerce stores that are offering an ultimate user experience, exceeding the expectation of users, multiplying ROI.


Online shoppers don't return to e-commerce platforms with poor functionality. We are building online stores on the latest versions of popular E-commerce frameworks. When we conceptualize designs, functionality is one of the governing factors. In our designs we ensure that your E-commerce store features:
- Multi-browser compatibility
- Short Loading Time
- Simple Checkout Process
- Product Filters for Search Ease
- Dynamic Shopping Cart
- Efficient Interaction

Ease Of Purchase

Our E-commerce Web Designs make purchasing quick, easy and stress-free for the customers. We design E-commerce storefronts with an interface that allows customers to make purchases in two-three clicks. This leads to a rich user experience and increases sales revenue. On designing part this requires:
- Clearly Visible Call-to-Action Buttons
- Dynamic Shopping Cart
- Streamlined Checkout Process with Progress Indicators
- Clearly Displayed Payment Methods & Options
- Easy Points of Contact

Well-Structured Information Architecture

Studies show that an online shopper spends close to 30 minutes in research before placing an order. We prepare a well-structured Information Architecture that, in a flash, dishes out all the relevant information a visitor comes looking for. Our E-commerce Web Designs deliver value to the visitor through engaging display of:
- Featured Products/Hot Products/Related Products
- Quick Preview for Products Details
- In Stock/Out of Stock Features with Products
- Extensive product details Page with Attractive Products Image Gallery
- Special Offers & Discounts
- Strategically placed Contact Information and much more

Ease Of Use

Online shoppers love the easy-to-use E-commerce stores. Our customer-centric approach helps us to deliver impeccable shopping experience throughout the website. Every single element in our E-commerce Website Designs is slotted in with first priority being visitor's convenience. Here's what exactly that means:
- Easy To Navigate
- Easy Sorting, Filtering & Viewing Options
- Easy To Find Products
- Easy Shipping Mode Selection
- Easy Payment
- Easy Checkout

Simple Graphics

Keeping your E-commerce store simple and uncluttered while retaining its aesthetic appeal is key to holding visitors' attention. We avoid stuffing our designs with graphics, animations, and other visual bells and whistles that may distract customers or may even frustrate them. We ensure simplicity with:
- Clean, legible text
- Strategic use of iconography
- Clear Images & Graphics
- Use of Images & graphics that enhance and not distract
- Visible CTAs

Brand Building & Recognition Value

Our E-commerce Web Designs are crafted after a strategic analysis of your business model, history, needs, objectives, target audience, competition, etc. From these details, we extract out the coherence and consistency that build Brands and etch them in customer's memory. Here's how we do it in our Web Designs.
- Prominent display of your Brand Name, Logo and Tagline.
- Consistency in use of colors, layouts, graphics on all pages
- Highlighting features exclusive to your Brand
- Customizations that fit your business' online face
- Clearly Visible Contact & Support Details